A Day In The Veluwe

The Veluwe is a natural park in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. The Veluwe features many different landscapes, including woodland, heath, some small lakes and Europe’s largest sand drifts. After living in The Netherlands for four years, my hubs and I went to visit the park.

Around 11 O clock, we arrived at the park. We bought the tickets online which saved us some time at the entrance. The paid €20 and it included the entrance to the ‘Kröller-Müller’ museum.

The museum was the first stop. The Kröller-Müller Museum is a national art museum and sculpture garden. It was founded by art collector Helene Kröller-Müller within the extensive grounds of her and her husband’s former estate. It opened in 1938. The collection includes a lot of Van Goghs famous paintings. The sculpture garden is very impressive.

After the museum, we went to the restaurant park. It is located around 5km from the entrance. We stopped there to have lunch. They have a couple of pf vegetarian options. We ordered the udon noodles with grilled vegetables, tomato soup and lactose-free pancakes with apples. The food was surprisingly good.

Next, we could take a 10km or a 26km route to discover the park. We were feeling too enthusiastic and decided to take the 26km route. The route was fantastic. We bike through the forest, the heath, and the dunes. It was beautiful all the way. Every couple of km it felt like entering a different area.

At the entrance of the park, there are white bicycles that you can lend. They were not the most comfortable and fast but they were in good shape. All the bicycles have a children seat on the back so you could also go with a kid.

The 26km route was great. It felt so disconnecting to spend so much time in nature. The Veluwe is a park that I would like to visit again. And I highly recommend it for a day in nature. If you decided to go and visit the park, don’t forget to bring enough water and snacks for the day.




Have you been to the Veluwe? Let me know in the comments below.

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Since I started to be more conscious about fashion, I get a lot of questions about where to shop in Amersfoort, the city I live in. I did my research and found three Dutch brands that do a good job towards a sustainable way of producing clothes. This is what I found out.

  1. Expresso


Expresso is a Dutch fashion brand with a sustainable and social responsibility mission. The brand is committed to a socially responsible production and ensures good working conditions in the factories, sustainable materials and they donate to charities and social initiatives. On their website they give you this tips about how to maintain your clothes longer: 

  • You don’t always need to wash your clothes after you wore it. Sometimes
    you just need to hang them out in the fresh air and that is enough.
  • Use an eco-friendly detergent. Check on the packaging for the EU Ecolabel.
  • If your clothes are not so dirty, you can wash them at 30°.
  • Air dry your clothes instead of using a drying machine.
  • Instead of throwing away clothes, donate them to an organization that makes other people happy with it. Or they might recycle it.

When you are in the Langestraat you definitely have to stop by at this shop and check out their collection. The address is Langestraat 22 3811 AG Amersfoort
The price range is between €24,-  and €200,-.

Read more about Expresso and sustainability here (in Dutch)

Expresso sustainable shop
The lady that works here is really nice! She was kind to answer all my questions about sustainability. Go there and have a chat!
Expresso clothes
Since 2004 Expresso works with the Fair Wear Foundation. This organization monitors the working conditions in sweatshops.

This picture shows the fitting room. They have a pinkish tropical wallpaper. #inlove

2. Anna van Toor

The mannequins are cool, right?

Anna van Toor is a Dutch fashion brand for women. They are a socially responsible company that cares for the environment. Since February 2013 Anna van Toor is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

The address is Langestraat 83 3811 AC Amersfoort
The price range is between €50,-  and €200,-.
Please note that Anna van Toor also sells other brands that are not proven to be sustainable. The brand that is proven is the house brand “Anna” and “Anna Blue”.

Read more about Anna van Toor and sustainability here (in Dutch).

Anna van Toor

Anna v Toor


3. Vanilia

Vanilia Amersfoort Langestraat

The Dutch brand Vanilia designs and produces high-quality clothes for women. With the establishment of Vanilia, more than twenty years ago, a private studio was set up in Turkey’s Cappadocia. Vanilia has always been responsible for the entire production and welfare of all employees and invests in good working conditions and secure workspaces. Vanilia is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Next time you go shopping in the Langestraat stop by and check their collection and the beautiful location.
The address is Langestraat 9 3811 AA Amersfoort.
The price range is between €15,-  and €300,-.

Read more about Vanilia here (in Dutch)

Vanilia Langestraat
The Vanilia boutique in Amersfoort.

I hope you like this post and I hope you will consider these shops when you go to Amersfoort. Please let me know in the comments below if you know more Dutch sustainable brands.

With Love,







Around a year ago I started my Instagram account. Back then I had no job and as a quick solution for my economic problem, I began selling my clothes that I didn’t wear anymore. I quickly fell in love with the platform and since then I have been posting pictures of the outfits I am selling. It worked surprisingly good! My first idea was to start an online shop. I didn’t know much about it but that was the concept I chose.
This is how my first post looked like:


I have been very consistent and posting pictures every day. I regularly go to flee markets, secondhand- or charity shops and look for nice items to make my outfits complete. Since the beginning it has been important for me to make realistic outfits. I love to see other girls on Instagram who are looking all styled and fashionable, but sometimes I feel that I only would wear that kind of clothes on fashion events and not in my ‘everyday life’.    That´s why I like to make basic and practical outfits. The nice thing about making outfits from secondhand clothes is that I have to be creative, because I never know what I might find! I make combinations that are stylish, some are pretty basic and other are vintage. But I always make an outfit that I would wear on a regular day.

Besides selling my clothes via direct messaging on Instagram, I use amazing platforms like Marktplaats, Tradono, United Wardrobe and of course The Next Closet.


Throughout this year I have learned a lot about Instagram and here are some tips for starting your own account:

1. Have a clear concept and explain it on your bio
It´s ok to not know where you want to go, but you should know where you want to start and be as clear as possible in your description. This way people know why to follow you.

2. Be consistent
Find out your concept, keep posting pictures and use the same filters so your feed looks attractive.

3. Stay true to yourself
It´s ok to check out the competition, but don´t look too long! Remind yourself of the reason why you started and keep in mind your own concept. Always remember: Your mission is to become better today than you were yesterday.

4. Don´t be afraid of showing your face
It took me some posts to start showing more of myself in the pictures. I never felt confident or pretty enough to be on my pictures. I have some self-esteem issues that I am working on, but as soon as I felt better about myself and let the bad thoughts go, I enjoyed more of what I do. I love to plan the photo-shootings and the outcome.

5. For foolish talk, deaf ears
Stand up for yourself and learn to trust in you. This is something you have to practice. It is like exercise, the more you do it the stronger you are. A lot of people have an opinion about what you do and how you should do it. It´s always good to listen to the feedback. Give yourself some time to think about it and if it can help you to improve yourself. Take it and see how you can work on it and if it doesn’t add any value to you, just… let.. it… go!

6. Instagram keeps on changing, so why don’t you…
The past year I have been developing my concept and I have been in a constant change. I wanted to be a shop, now I just love to promote secondhand clothes, write about it and occasionally make videos about it. And that’s ok! As soon as I realized that, I changed my bio and my account name to alisson_simmonds and I am doing whatever feels right for me to do.

Now that I look back, I see how much I have developed in a positive way. I started this adventure as a part-time hobby and now it´s becoming part of my life. I love second hand and this has led me to a more sustainable lifestyle. I will keep on sharing it with you. From now on I want to add sustainable brands to my outfits as well and who knows what happens later on! Maybe I will show my make-up tips, beauty products and my vegan lifestyle of course. But the most important thing I have learned this year is to do ONE… THING… AT… THE… TIME.

What have you learned about Instagram so far?
Share it on the comments!

With Love,