Ted Talks By Fierce Mothers

Mothers have so many roles: nurturer, provider, disciplinarian, confidant, mentor, friend, partner, protector. The following talks demonstrate all of the above. Responsible parenting: Create memories, not expectations - Austeja Landsbergiene We all are familiar with expectations. Expectations laid on us once to succeed in life. And without noticing we transfer all these expectations on our… Continue reading Ted Talks By Fierce Mothers

The Power Of Vulnerability

Since last year I am consciously working to improve my self-love and self-appreciation. In this social media era, it get's hard sometimes because I tend to compare myself to others. This leaves me to believe that I am 'not good enough'. It is a rollercoaster of emotions but I am getting better at ignoring these thoughts.… Continue reading The Power Of Vulnerability


I can't help but feel inspired when I watch powerful women own the stage during their TED talks. They all have an interesting story and are passionate to tell it. To celebrate the International Women´s Day, here is a compilation of my personal favourite empowering talks by women. 1. The Benefits Of Failure by J.K.… Continue reading TOP 5 TED TALKS BY WOMEN