Tools Every Thrifter Should Have

As a second-hand clothes lover, stylist and mom, I love making the most of used items. Whether it’s a blouse that’s missing a button, a dress that it’s too long, or a sweater that needs good shaving, I love saving treasures to land on landfills. To fix the items I find I use these tools:… Continue reading Tools Every Thrifter Should Have

Sustainable Brand: Po-Zu

Fast fashion doesn't only affect the clothing industry, but the accessories and footwear industry as well. Mass-production eats up resources and sends an average of three pairs of shoes per person to landfill every year. The quest for cheaper and faster production has encouraged the exploitation of workers through long hours, low payments and dangerous… Continue reading Sustainable Brand: Po-Zu

Thrifting Lover

    I love to go thrifting because I never know what I might find. It is always an adventure. This time I found this amazing red, black and golden blazer/jacket. Normally I wouldn't buy these kind of items, out of fear, not daring to wear it. But as soon as I saw it in… Continue reading Thrifting Lover

Vintage And Gold

    "Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." - Whoopi Goldberg Second hand outfit of the day I am wearing: Blouse // size S// Vintage // found in the charity shop “De kringloop” in Amersfoort Jacket // size L // Vintage // found in the charity shop “De kringloop” in Amersfoort Skirt //… Continue reading Vintage And Gold

Sustainable Brand: The Next Closet

      "A lady knows when it's time to say goodbye" - The Next Closet Second hand outfit of the day I am wearing: Blazer // size M // Six Ames // via The Next Closet Jeans // Citizens of Humanity // via The Next Closet Boots // size 38 // Hugo Boss // via The Next Closet Bag // via Baggin'You Do you… Continue reading Sustainable Brand: The Next Closet

The Next Closet

  Secondhand is stylish? Y E S ! It is and I help you find nice preowned items. Second hand outfit of the day I am wearing: Top // size S // H&M // used to be from my dutch sister Corine Skirt // size S // H&M // used to be from a friend Boots // size… Continue reading The Next Closet

Pink Outfit Ideas

When I was a teenager, pink was my favorite color. Soon enough I stopped wearing it because it made me look young and childish. Neither I had confidence enough to wear it anymore. Until a couple of years ago when I started caring less about what people think of me, now I feel good enough… Continue reading Pink Outfit Ideas