First Trimester Of Pregnancy Perfectly Explained In 15 Memes

A little bit of pregnancy fun. As you know, I had a rough time accepting my unexpected pregnancy. With some professional help, I have been able to feel better and better. I survived the first trimester and found these memes that best explained how I felt during those months. Here they are for you to enjoy:… Continue reading First Trimester Of Pregnancy Perfectly Explained In 15 Memes

12 Loco Things Dutchies Do Part 1

This month I celebrate that I've been living in The Netherlands for two years. It's the third country I have lived in and the third one I call home. Before NL I lived in Germany, so I thought I didn't need to integrate or learn about the culture anymore. I genuinely thought that Dutchies are similar to… Continue reading 12 Loco Things Dutchies Do Part 1


Fair fashion clothes have the bad reputation of being expensive, lumpy, itchy, hempy and unstylish. Nowadays producing ethical fashion and good looking pieces is becoming more of a priority for brands. It can be hard to look for those brands but luckily some web shops make it easy for us to find them. I want… Continue reading GEITENWOLLENWINKEL – FAVORITE PIECES UNDER €50


The project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to create, and live with a wardrobe of 33 items or less for 3 months. One week ago I started it and this is how my week looked like: Friday 2nd of June   Saturday 3rd of June     Sunday 4th of June… Continue reading MY FIRST WEEK HAVING A MINIMALIST WARDROBE