Chunky Shoes For The Summer

The 90s are making a comeback in the form of thick-soled shoes and it seems that everyone has embraced it. It all started back in 2015 when sleek sneakers dominated the market. The Adidas Stan Smith was seen during fashion weeks, in the red carpet and of course, everywhere on the streets. Consumers could not seem to get enough of the minimalist sneaker trend. Inspired by Scandinavian style, they were mass adopted as the new fashion shoe of choice.

The chunky shoe or more known in the fashion world as “dad shoe” was first debuted in the Balenciaga FW17 show during the Men’s Paris fashion week. Since then, it was the luxury range who have been wearing this trend. But since this year it has become the shoe of choice for high fashion, athletic brands, and fast-fashion lovers.

The dad sneaker proves to be another example of a trend that blurs traditional gender lines. While it may look like you have bricks strapped to your feet, these thick-soled sneakers are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.

I have gathered my favorite styles for you to check. Let me know which one is your favorite.

For more dad sneaker outfit inspirations click here.

With Love,

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What I Have Learned In Six Months Of Motherhood

Motherhood is challenging and tiring and beautiful and tiring and beautiful. Above all, it is the most magical experience I have been blessed to have. It’s been six months since I gave birth to my baby girl. She came into my life and made me do all kinds of changes in my career, attitude, and personal life. So far she made me a more happy and complete person. Here are some things I have learned:

1. I can do a lot with little sleep. Those sleepless nights during university were just a training.
2. Still, sleep is very important. When I’m short on sleep, every little thing makes me feel overwhelmed. The best that I can do is to ask for help and take a long nap. Happy and rested mama = Happy baby.
3. I can relax even though the house looks like a war zone.
4. I don’t mind the way I eat anymore. Goodbye glamour, hello eating with a spoon.
5. Sometimes I have the time to cook something, but I can only eat it two hours later. Say hello to cold food. And cold coffee. And tea.
6. I can cook, organize, feed the dog, all while carrying my baby. I have discovered a strength in me I didn’t know it existed.
7. Instead of sleeping when the baby sleeps, I relax by sitting down, picking a book, cooking, watching series. This way I really rest instead of stressing out about actually sleeping.
8. Sacrificing things for my baby has been surprisingly easy. It’s not always fun, but it’s ok.
9. Going out for a walk is the best remedy for feeling overwhelmed.
10. I don’t have much time to play with my dog anymore. That makes me feel sad sometimes. Then I just remember that this is temporary and I feel good again.
11. Grandparents are the best. So are aunts, uncles, and cousins. Family, in general, is pretty awesome to have around with a baby.
12. My breast are two magical things full of love in the form of milk. They make as much as my baby needs. I learn to trust my body and understand that it is connected to my baby’s needs.
13. Breastfeeding is beautiful. Tiring and hard, yes, but it connects in magical ways. As time passes, breastfeeding is less painful but it never stops being hard.
14. I feel very proud when I can recognize my baby types of crying. I was so scared I wouldn’t.
15. Routines with a baby are very hard to maintain. One day it works, the other it doesn’t. But it’s ok. I don’t stress about it anymore. I learn to become flexible and to go with the flow
16. Babies grow by the minute. One day she looks cute in her new outfit, the next day she needs a bigger size.
17. Every baby is different. There is no valid reason to compare your babies development to others. I celebrate my baby’s milestone in her own time.
18. I have to cut my baby’s nails every two to three days.
19. Cloth diapers are easier to use than everyone thinks.
20. It’s just a phase. That is my mantra every time we are going through a rough patch. Nothing lasts forever.
21. Babies are strong. They are not as fragile as I thought.
22. Everyone has parenting advice. It comes from a good heart. I am getting better at having the ability to thank people for their compassion and then move on.
23. It takes double as long to get ready to go anywhere.
24. Taking care of the baby is a day and night task.
25. “Is she sleeping through the night yet?” This is the most common question I get asked.
26. I might be tired and grumpy but as soon as my baby smiles at me, all the grumpiness disappear.
27. Postpartum body is different for every woman. It might take one month, three months or even one year to have your body back to how it was. But its ok. I am gentle and thankful for my body.
28. I feel proud of myself. And I realized that I am doing the best I can. That already makes me a good mother.
29. I feel blessed to have an engaged partner. He has been ‘hands on’ since my pregnancy. I couldn’t have done all of this on my own.
30. Fathers are as important as mothers. Sadly they don’t receive the same attention as mothers.

Picture by Marisa Elisa Photography

Each month is getting better and better. I get more used to the responsibility of raising a baby. It gets easier and more fun. How is it for you? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,


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Wat Mooi – Sustainable Fashion Favorites For The Autumn

Sustainable fashion has the bad reputation of being hippy, lumpy, itchy, hempy and unstylish. Nowadays producing ethical fashion and good looking pieces is becoming more of a priority for brands. It can be hard to look for those brands but luckily some web shops make it easy for us to find them. I want to show you my latest discovery: This webshop only sells clothes from sustainable brands. Every brand chooses its own way of making sustainable fashion. Some brands pay particular attention to people in developing countries, other labels try to be gentle with the environment as much as possible. Completely sustainable does not exist yet, but it is important that some brands are doing the best they can at least.  After checking out their current collection I listed out my favorite items to make this a sustainable autumn season.

Pink ruffle blouse

This pink ruffle blouse from the Alchemist is romantic, tough and bohemian. Easy to combine with jeans or a skirt. The blouse is made of 100% viscose.

Yellow and beige sweater

Sustainable sweater Trui Wol Recycled Stripe Honey
This striped sweater from the Dutch brand Alchemist is a basic must-have for the autumn and winter. It is fairly made from recycled wool. Nice to combine with sneakers or with boots.

Pink, grey and yellow sweater

This gray knit sweater from the Dutch brand Alchemist is great for the coming season. It is made with responsible animal-friendly wool. Wool is a great material. It is soft and warm. Note: better wash it by hand.

Colorful stripes sweater

Stripes are always a good idea. The color combination of yellow, white, red, dark blue and light pink provide a real fashion look.  The sweater from Armedangels is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Pink sweater

Soft pink is a color that is becoming trendy more and more. This sweater from Armedangels is made of 100% organic cotton. A lovely sweater that is easy to combine and is both sporty and classic.

Indoor baseball jacket

This baseball jacket from King Louie Organic is great to wear indoors. It is soft and comfortable. The jacket is made from natural synthetic fibers. The zipper is nickel free.

Black biker jacket

This biker jacket is made of vegan suede. This is made in Italy from PET bottles and recycled polyester. Recycling means a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The jacket is made by hand in Portugal. So you really have a unique and timeless item in your closet that you can enjoy for years.

I hope you get inspired and next time you are looking for sustainable clothes and accessories you give it a try and check WatMooi out. You can shop online HERE

With Love,


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Sustainable Sunglasses from Dick Moby

On my search for sustainable sunglasses, I found the Amsterdam based brand: Dick Moby. Tim and Robbert are the founders of this cool brand. They went on a surfing trip and were confronted with this huge plastic-in-the-ocean problem. With a big love for the sea, which surfers and sailors usually have, Tim and Robbert are motivated to start a sustainable company. They address the plastic waste problem by making high-quality sunglasses out of biodegradable and recycled plastic. In 2014 ‘Dick Moby’ was founded.

They produce their eyewear without creating more waste in the process. The glasses are handmade in Italy. In their collection, they offer different shapes, colors, and styles. From hipster to retro, they have all kinds of cool frames. The glasses are made with UV protective lenses. Thus, perfect for the summer.

Recycling is at the core of this brand. The cleaning cloth that comes with each pair of glasses is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. One cloth is made of approximately seven used plastic bottles. The leather case that comes with every pair is also made from recycled leather.

In July I went to their sample sale in Amsterdam and got myself these sunglasses:



Which one is your favorite? Check their whole collection at

With Love,


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Decorating The Baby Room With Desenio

Desenio is a Scandinavian brand of high-quality posters and frames. They inspire people all over the world with their posters and amazing creation of interiors. If you want to start a photo wall, you can find a lot of tips and ideas about how to arrange it on their website: When I started to decorate the baby room last month, I felt that it was time to check out their collection of posters for children. They even have an extra Instagram account, Desenio kids, to inspire mothers-to-be! I’m having a baby girl, but I am that kind of woman who runs away from the color pink. For me, it was clear to use a gender-neutral color. Luckily Desenio has a lot of posters that suit my wishes.

When I had the chance to pick some frames and posters, I decided to go with a combination of yellow, black and wood. I chose the poster of a penguin, a playful dog, a bear on a bicycle, a graphic of plants and a poster with a quote. The last one has something to do with the name of the baby. (Shh, don’t tell anyone yet.)

Posters of penguin, bear on yellow bike, moon and back & graphic plants.

This was my first idea of how to arrange them:

Then I decided to do this instead:

Voila! The baby room is almost finished.

Here are the posters in a row:

Bear on yellow bike, graphic plants, moon and back and penguin.

I am curious what you think about these cute posters I decorated the walls of our baby room with. Because sharing is caring, you can use the code ‘ALISSON‘ from the 30th of January until the 1st of February and get 25% off all their posters. The code is not valid for handpicked-/collaboration posters or frames.

With love,


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As you might know, I was unexpectedly pregnant and not busy at all with anything that has to do with the topic. The information I had about pregnancy came from movies, series and some women who shared their experience with me. I thought I knew what to expect: tiredness, vomiting and feeling nausea. I survived the first 27 weeks and realized that there were many things I didn’t know. Every single woman has different experiences but here are a few of the things I’ve learned from my own pregnancy.

It took me some time to accept this pregnancy and to go through my first weeks. Forget everything you have seen in movies. This is how it really feels:

1. The pregnancy test is positive, let’s call the doctor!
Wrong! I live in The Netherlands, where pregnancy is followed by midwives. The chances that you will see a doctor are very little. The first thing you have to do when a pregnancy test is positive is to call your midwife. Don’t feel surprised when you get your next appointment in at least four more weeks! They will first want to see you when you are 8+ weeks pregnant. And remember: you are pregnant from the first day of your last period. Make sure you have your agenda with you when you do the phone call.

2. If everything is alright, you will only have one sonogram per trimester.
If you are as naive as me and think you will get a sonogram every month, you are wrong. If everything is ok you will only get one per trimester plus the one at 8 weeks. In total, you will have one sonogram at 8 weeks, at 20 weeks, at 30+ and one close to the due date to see if the baby is positioned well.

3. Your belly is not growing but your hips and butt are.
Say goodbye to your normal jeans and say hello to: leggings? Well yes. You will be too big for your normal clothes, but too thin for maternity clothes. Much of the first trimester is a strange experience. You know that you are pregnant, but you don’t feel pregnant.

4. From one day to the other you will turn into a dog
Oh, all those smells you didn’t mind before, you do mind now. A lot. I couldn’t stand the smell of onion, red bell pepper, my kitchen, my bathroom, dirty clothes, the sink…

5. Morning sickness or better yet all-day-sickness
From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep you might feel nausea and disgusted by food. I couldn’t eat anything until 4-5 pm. Besides dry crackers, everything else made me want to throw up. This feeling started to disappear from the 14th week on.

6. You will forget what it’s like to eat normal food again
Crazy cravings are something inevitable. But for me, rather than cravings, I got into a fight with some ingredients. I couldn’t see or smell onions, leeks, red bell pepper or spinach. As a vegan, it was hard sometimes to cook without those ingredients. Luckily my partner did all the cooking because I felt too nauseated to cook.

7. Your breasts will get bigger
Or not, like mine. My boobs haven’t got any bigger and there’s a big chance that it’s going to stay that way. For my mother, it was the same, but she was still able to breastfeed three beautiful daughters. It’s really true that not all women are the same.

8. The pregnancy glow
Before looking pretty and radiant you might look ugly and tired. During the first 20 weeks of pregnancy my skin started to change, I had more freckles than before, my scalp began to get dry and my hair began to fall off, which gave me empty spots in my scalp. Luckily now, after 27 weeks all those things disappeared. I wouldn’t consider that I glow, but I don’t have those symptoms which made me feel “ugly” anymore.

9. The tiredness is real
Your new bestie is your bed. You will spend the whole day dreaming about when you will get to lie your head on your pillow again. Some days I could sleep all day, wake up to eat and go back and rest again. You will feel bad – when your husband has been neglected. You get over it quickly and then get kind of mad that he doesn’t have to feel like a big piece of poop like you. Totally unfair. This feeling of being tired all the time disappeared when I was around week 14. Slowly it started to come back at week 16 and it keeps on during my pregnancy so far.

10. Sleep on your belly while you still can
From week 20+ it starts to get challenging to sleep. You can only sleep on your right side, and you will constantly wake up to go to the bathroom. By week 25 it gets really difficult for me to sleep comfortably without waking up in the middle of the night to find a comfortable position. On my right side I get heartburn and on my back, I can’t breath good. The only side I can sleep on is the right one. Just the one side I was not used to.

11. Say goodbye to the morning sickness, say hello to more discomfort
As soon as you start to feel better about the morning sickness, other discomforts may appear. For me, I felt good for about one week and then some pains started to come up. The body is constantly changing and adjusting to the new life you are creating. For me, it started with heavy migraines. From one day to the other I had a very bad headache that turned into a migraine. It lasted two days and went away. Then a lower back pain and pelvic pain followed. Some days it was heavier than others. It lasted a couple of weeks but it eventually went away. Suddenly I started having heartburn. That is a burning sensation in your chest after you eat. It’s caused by the hormonal and physical changes that happen in your body. This symptom disappeared after a couple of times. Since the beginning of the pregnancy I was having bladder control problems, but since week 24 it got worse. I might need to do some pelvic exercises to get back my control. Since my body is making extra blood from week 20, I started to have heart palpitations. This extra blood results in a heart rate that’s about 25 percent faster than usual. This feels like your heart is beating extremely fast. Heart palpitations can be normal and nonharmful during pregnancy. When I feel it, I have to sit down, breath and wait for it to pass. The latest discomforts I have are leg cramps, thanks to my growing belly and the pressure from my growing uterus. All these discomforts are for a good cause. But we are still allowed to joke about it right?

12. From one day to the other your belly will grow
I spend the first 5 months waiting for the belly to start showing. Sometimes it got a little bit awkward because people started wondering if I was really pregnant. When someone asked how the baby was doing, I felt insecure because the belly was still small. As if something was wrong with the baby. Suddenly between week 24 and 25, my belly started to show. But it wasn’t until week 27 that you could really see the belly very well. Some women have big bellies, some small, but the size has nothing to do with the health of the baby. This was my mantra to avoid feeling bad when someone had a negative comment on my small bump.

13. You will question everything
The voice in your head can make you crazy. Suddenly from the second semester on, I developed a little voice in my head, suggesting that I was doing everything wrong and probably was killing my baby. You start questioning everything you do, from the way you sleep to what you eat and so on. I am a little bit controlling so maybe this symptom was bound to be worse for me. My Google searches showed me that it’s clear that many women are asking the same questions: “Is it okay to do this? Is it bad to drink that?”. The best thing to do is to let go and trust that everything is alright. Because most of the times, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT.


Being pregnant is a miracle. The female body is a miracle. To be able to grow a life inside is almost surreal. Even though being pregnant has been tiring for me,  I try to celebrate the good things and not to focus on these annoying symptoms. So, my dear fellow pregnant friends, let’s all relax and enjoy this moment. (I’m saying this now because I had a good night of sleep. Tomorrow I might feel annoyed by my own advice).

With love,



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Sustainable Brand: Miss Green

Looking for sustainable and ethical fashion brands have become my hobby since I started this blog. I came across Miss Green and instantly fell in love.

Sustainability is at the core of the brand. For the owner, Maaike Groen, is very important to produce her clothes as responsible as possible with the environment and with the garment workers. The people who make the clothes earn a fair salary and work under good conditions. They only produce in European and Indian workshops with a GOTS certificate and a SA8000 standard, which means that they ensure organic and socially responsible production. During the production process, no harmful chemicals are used and the substances are as biological as possible. Besides, Miss Green rely mainly on her gut feeling. They regularly visit the factories and workshops to view and choose fabrics, but above all to talk with the people who make Miss Green´s clothes. They only have two collections per year.

On these series of pictures, I´m wearing a jumpsuit of Miss Green. The pictures were made in Amersfoort by the photographer Marisa Broekhuizen Check her work HERE.

Miss Green
Picture by Marisa Elisa Photography
Miss Green
Picture by Marisa Elisa Photography
Miss Green
Picture by Marisa Elisa Photography




What I´m wearing:
Jumpsuit // Miss Green (Get it here)
Turban // Second-lifestyle Amersfoort (second-hand shop)
Ankle boots & jacket // Not second-hand or ethically made – bought it before my conscious time

With Love,

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