Nailberry: Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brand

Let´s be honest, do you read the ingredients of the cosmetics you use? And do you know what are those ingredients? Well, I never cared. Why would I? I grew up using creams, shampoos, make-up, and my favorite: nail polish. I was never aware of the ingredients until I started to walk this conscious path… Continue reading Nailberry: Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brand

My Favorite Places to Shop for Crystals

Crystals have become more and more popular lately. They not only look very beautiful as decoration but they are charged with energy. Crystals have natural superpowers that help realign your energy, give peace of mind, protect against negativity, achieve goals, supports self-love practices, and more. They have healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul.… Continue reading My Favorite Places to Shop for Crystals

Sustainable Brands That You Can Buy At Zalando

Zalando is one of the biggest online fashion webshops in Europe. From High Street to High End, Zalando is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of fashion, accessories, and beauty brands. Since the popularity of the webshop is only getting bigger, I did a deep into the webshop. And found the following sustainable brands at Zalando:… Continue reading Sustainable Brands That You Can Buy At Zalando

Shoes Made From Apple Skin

Innovation in fashion is a must. Especially in terms of sustainable materials. This time I want to show you the Italian brand Womsh. They make shoes from apple skin. Apple skin is made using the cores and skins discarded from the industrial food industry. Apples are puréed, spread on a solid sheet, and dehydrated until… Continue reading Shoes Made From Apple Skin

Sustainable Webshop: ROGUE

Strolling down Instagram I found the webshop 'Rogue' (@byrogue) I immediately fell in love with their pictures, items, and style.Rogue is all about curated conscious girl power gorgeousness for the wild & free-hearted. Rogue means being wild // free, choosing your own path, and being your own magic. I talked, to Mandy, the owner and… Continue reading Sustainable Webshop: ROGUE

Sustainable Brand: SISSEL EDELBO:

The Danish brand SISSEL EDELBO makes stylish, trendy, and ethical clothes for women from vintage saris. The brand started out in 2004 by Jeanne Sissel and Christina Edelbo. They mixed their last names to named SISSEL EDELBO. The core of the brand is up-cycling vintage saris and turning them into beautiful new fashion items. Zero… Continue reading Sustainable Brand: SISSEL EDELBO:

Hat Outfit Inspirations

Hats are one of the easiest ways to add dimension and color to your fall outfit. A hat is also one of the most practical and stylish accessories you’ll wear during the colder months. It makes a simple outfit look fashionable and elegant. From black, brown or red, you can combine any color to give… Continue reading Hat Outfit Inspirations

Red Coat Outfit Inspirations

Red is my favorite color of the autumn and winter season. It is my go-to color whenever I feel adventurous and want to look different. Whether a red lipstick or a red statement piece red will make you look bold and confident. Strolling through a second-hand shop I found an oversized long red coat and instantly… Continue reading Red Coat Outfit Inspirations

20’s Party Outfit Inspiration

Last month I celebrated my birthday with a party for the first time since I moved to the Netherlands. The party was a 'Great Gatsby' theme party.  The '20s are one of my favorite years in terms of fashion. The clothes, the makeup and the hear styles are sophisticated, elegant and extravagant. The 20's fashion… Continue reading 20’s Party Outfit Inspiration

Röhnisch: Sustainable Sportswear Brand

After a year of trying I finally have made working out a habit. In the beginning, it didn't work out because I wanted to start with 3 days per week right away. And after a week or two I just didn't take the time anymore for it. This time, I started to go just once… Continue reading Röhnisch: Sustainable Sportswear Brand