12 Tips For an Eco-Friendly Office

Whether you work from home, or you work at an office, there are little things we can do to help the environment. The key is to start making easy changes and from there go on. Here are some ideas for you to green up your (home) office:

1. Look for your desk, chair, and any other furniture that you need at a second-hand shop. There are big chances that you might find just what you need for a cheaper price, and you will be giving the furniture a longer life.

2. Make the most of natural light. Set your work desk in an area of your home that has lots of natural light. This will reduce the need to use lamps while you’re working during the day. Being exposed to natural light is necessary for your well-being.

3. If you need a new laptop, try to find it refurbished. A refurbished computer is normally a computer that was returned for some reason. It then gets inspected by a certified technician, cleaned, upgraded, repaired if necessary, and resold with an extended warranty.

4. Set the heater one or two degrees lower than what you normally set it. Have an extra sweater close to your desk to wear in case you get cold. Turning your thermostat down by just a couple of degrees can lower carbon emissions and cut your monthly gas and electric bills.

5. Try going paperless. If it´s not possible, use recycled printing paper and print double-sided.

6. Use erasable notebooks to take notes and decrease paper waste. My favorite brand is Correctbook. They have erasable agendas, notebooks, and flashcards. Simple to use and reuse for a long time. To combat illiteracy, for every purchase Correctbook donates the same erasable writing material to kids in need. You can check more about the brand here: https://www.correctbook.com/nl/shop

7. Keep a reusable water bottle by your desk throughout the day. And make sure you stay hydrated.

8. Place plants in your workspace, plants make you happy! In addition, it improves the quality of the air in the room.

9. Get organic tea for your (home) office. My all-time favorite brand is Pukka.

10. Get responsibly sourced coffee. Coffee consumption can lead to deforestation, water pollution, and waste. You can help by using eco-friendly coffee products and by buying responsibly sourced coffee. Before you buy a package of coffee check for the Fairtrade, Bio, and Rainforest Alliance trademark.

11. Unplug the devices that you are not using. Electronic devices still use energy when they are plugged in but aren’t being used. Leaving devices plugged into the wall is a huge waste of energy and can increase your electricity bills. It also creates harmful emissions and puts unnecessary stress on the environment.

12. Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Eco-friendly products are kinder to the skin and reduce pollutants in the air and waterways.

Which eco-friendly ideas are you implementing in your office?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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