Tools Every Thrifter Should Have

As a second-hand clothes lover, stylist and mom, I love making the most of used items. Whether it’s a blouse that’s missing a button, a dress that it’s too long, or a sweater that needs good shaving, I love saving treasures to land on landfills. To fix the items I find I use these tools:

Steamer: Steam vapor is naturally sanitizing and deodorizing it kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping the clothes fresh. Steaming also removes allergens that attract dust mites.

Fabric shaver (pluizenverwijderaar): Clothing pilling is one of the most common signs of wear on a garment. A quick shave with the fabric shaver can turn an item from trash into looking like new.

Sewing kit: Perfect for little fixes like changing a button, small holes, or a detached strap.

Sewing machine: You don’t have to be a professional seamstress, to make simple alterations to an item. With a sewing machine, you can take up hems on pants or skirts, let out a waistband, repair seams, and short sleeves.

At a second-hand shop in The Netherlands

Which tool would you add?

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