Sustainable Basics From Honest Basics

Sustainable basics have become a must-have in every wardrobe. Though, if you are into sustainable fashion it can be hard to find. And you can even think that the prices are not affordable. Luckily, things are changing a lot lately. Let me introduce you to Honest Basics. A webshop that sells sustainable and ethically-made basic garments.

Honest Basics sells t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, for women and men. All made from organic cotton or Tencel. All of their products are GOTS-certified. The production is ethical and transparent in Bangladesh and India. They have low-waste-packaging and climate-neutral shipping.

Hereunder I have listed my favorite items from their collection.

Basic white T-shirt

Black turtleneck

Off-white crewneck sweater

Pink hoodie

Light blue jeans

Did you know this webshop already? Check there whole colection at

With Love,

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