My Favorite Places to Shop for Crystals

Crystals have become more and more popular lately. They not only look very beautiful as decoration but they are charged with energy. Crystals have natural superpowers that help realign your energy, give peace of mind, protect against negativity, achieve goals, supports self-love practices, and more. They have healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul.

Though, it’s important to know that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals. But in my experience, anything that you put belief into will work. Just as if you were into tarot cards, numerology, reiki, angel cards, or anything else along with this nature. If you believe that this tool can help you, then it will. That is just how this works.

For a couple of years, I have been using crystals and have been adding them to my life. I use them for different purposes. For example for protection, for grounding, for motivation, for reminding me of self-love, etc. I started little by little and now I have been growing my collection and knowledge about them. If you feel curious about this topic just explore and try different crystals. To help you out I have listed my favorite webshops for the modern witch.

Rock Your World

This online shop is run by Hanneke Peters. The writer of the book: Rock Your Crystals (also a tip for beginners!). On her webshop, you can find a collection of crystals, books, and crystal induce oils and sprays. Hanneke also has sets of crystals depending on your zodiac sign. Additionally, she has an online academy with the course: Rock Your Crystals. To learn the basics about crystals.

Picture taken from


Mandy is the owner of the conscious webshop ROGUE. She sells a unique collection of vintage crystals. Besides, she also sells the prettiest smudge sticks, crystal face rollers, and moon oils and mists.

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This shop sells fair-trade crystals, jewelry, incense, and smudges. The Instagram account is definitely worth checking. The pictures are very eye-catching and aesthetic.

Picture @dntydesigns

Insight Stones

This webshop sells unique crystals-candle holders. They are great to decorate the living room or to have them in your witchy altar. at Insight Stones you can also buy salt lamps, bracelets with stone, and more.

House of Formlab

This is a webshop to buy all kinds of crystals, crystals sets, jewelry, candles, incense, and all kind of tarot decks.

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The Spirit Junkies

In here you will find a very fine collection of crystals and everything crystals related. From jewelry, candles to crystals infuse soap. And the pictures are so beautiful!

Picture taken from

Tara Boeddha

Tara is one of my favorite shops because it’s located in Amersfoort, the city I live in. Here you can find all kinds of crystals, salt lamps, earrings, necklaces, tarot cards, and anything you need related to these topics.

Am I missing a good shop that I should add to my list?
Let me know in the comments below.

With Love,

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