Sustainable Brand: SISSEL EDELBO:

The Danish brand SISSEL EDELBO makes stylish, trendy, and ethical clothes for women from vintage saris. The brand started out in 2004 by Jeanne Sissel and Christina Edelbo. They mixed their last names to named SISSEL EDELBO.

The core of the brand is up-cycling vintage saris and turning them into beautiful new fashion items. Zero waste is also a key point for the brand. The vintage saris are used as much as possible. Every leftover and scrap will be used and become a hairband, a belt, or a scarf.

Each unique piece of SISSEL EDELBO tells the story if the Indian heritage and the amazing women, all dressed in their traditional vibrant saris.

From the SISSEL EDELBO collection, I got the signature kimono. Here are some pictures:

See more pictures wearing SISSEL EDELBO here and here.

With Love,

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