Zustainabox Products Review

The ZustainaBox is a bi-monthly subscription box full of sustainable alternatives for your current products. The box contains between 7 and 8 items and gets delivered every 8 weeks. The products are all vegan, cruelty-free, help you towards a plastic-free life and are made with a low environmental impact. When you subscribe as a member, you will receive weekly tips and inspiration for an eco-lifestyle in your mailbox.
The boxes get deliver as green as possible. Within the cities, the delivery is by bicycle, outside the cities it is in green cars. The next delivery dates are:
– The week of 16th December
– The week of 24th February
From my Zustainabox from October, I received among others, the following products:

Candle from Elate & Co

The special about this candle is that it is made from European rapeseed oil. This wax is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and has a long, clean-burning time. The slivers are made from natural fibers that ensure good flammability.

Net bag made from organic cotton

The cotton net bag can be easily folded and put inside a pocket or purse. It is made from organic cotton by the brand Bo Weevil. The fabric has a GOTS certification, which guarantees that the entire production chain is sustainable. There are no pesticides or fertilizers involved in the cotton cultivation and only dyed substances are used for painting. Besides, they ensure good working conditions in every step of production. An honest fabric that can save the earth a lot of plastic misery.

Soup bouillon from Soephoofd

This soup bouillon jar is made from leftover vegetables. It doesn’t contain any salt, e-numbers or palm oil. There is enough in the jar to make one liter of soup four times. The founders of Soephoof came up with this idea to reduce food waste.

Scrub glove made from jute

Jute is a natural fiber and is also called ‘Golden Fiber’. It is made from the Corchorus plant, a CO2-neutral crop that is biodegradable. There is no fertilizer and pesticide involved in the cultivation of this plant, which is why it can be cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. This scrub glove is made from burlap scraps. It can be wash by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Natural soap from Werfzeep

The soaps are made in a traditional organic soap factory in Utrecht – The Netherlands. All soaps from Werfzeep are vegetable-free, palm-free and hand made with love. According to Werf soap, the power of a good, caring soap lies with the basis: the plant. They handpick a large part of the flowers and plants in the Wickenburg forest near Utrecht.


If you want to give it a try and join the club use my code ‘AS15’ to get a 15% discount!
Read more information here.

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