Ellis Faas Lipstick Review

ELLIS FAAS is a Dutch make-up brand founded by Ellis, a photographer turned make-up lover. Recently, the brand has 36 lip shades, divided over four different textures. All liquid, highly pigmented and long-lasting. The lipsticks of ELLIS LIPS have vitamin E, are paraben-free, cruelty-free and mostly vegan. They blend into the lips without leaving a sticky residue. Ellis based all the shades (except for the Hot Lips) on colors that by nature exist in the human body. Thereby they will never become a mask and are suitable for any skin tone, or style.

Ellis developed the following textures:
Creamy Lips: This texture has the coverage of a traditional, turn-up lipstick.
Milky Lips: This texture is more transparent and also enjoyed by customers who usually don’t like to feel lipstick on their lips.
Glazed Lips: This is a non-sticky gloss that can also be used in combination with the other textures.
Hot Lips: This is the most matte and pigmented texture that comes in incredibly vibrant shades.

From the brand, I got some lipsticks to try.

From the creamy lips line:

L101 Ellis Red

L106 Rusty Pink

From the milky lips line:

L201 Ellis Red

L207 Nude Pink

From the glazed lips line:

L306 Sheer Bright Coral

L309 Clear Gloss

From the hot lips line:

L406 Rose Violet

L409 Pink Nude

Which color do you like the most?

With Love,

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