Röhnisch: Sustainable Sportswear Brand

After a year of trying I finally have made working out a habit. In the beginning, it didn’t work out because I wanted to start with 3 days per week right away. And after a week or two I just didn’t take the time anymore for it. This time, I started to go just once per week. Slowly I have been adding a day and it’s working! I love how I feel after a workout, I love to have one hour for myself. My tip for you is to start working out just once per week. And slowly add more days. If I can do it, so can you.⁠⠀

On this OOTD I am wearing sports clothes from the Swedish brand Röhnisch. They make stylish, trendy and comfortable sportswear for women. Sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of the brand. For their pieces, they use recycled materials. All clothing is made in factories where people work under fair conditions. There is a “Code of Conduct” that all their suppliers must adhere to. This includes agreements on, among other things, exploitation, child labor, discrimination, and the environment.

The brand works together with the organization “Hand in hand”. This organization is working in a world without poverty and child labor. In India, the organizations work together to help women start their own businesses. They do this by sharing knowledge about business operations, but also by offering “microfinance”. Röhnisch has also been a partner of Pink Ribbon since 2014 and has sports bras in their collection that are suitable for women with prostheses.

From the Röhnisch current collection, I got the ‘Miko Tights Burgundy’ and the ‘Braid Sports Bra Burgundy’. Here are some pictures:

Keep an eye on my Instagram account. I will be holding a giveaway soon where you can win your own sports outfit from Röhnisch. 

With Love,

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