Sustainable Brand: ARMEDANGELS

The German brand ARMEDANGELS makes stylish, trendy and ethical clothes for women and for men. Sustainability, fair trade, ethical practices, and social work are at the core of the brand. For their pieces, they use organic natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, and linen. And they also use semi-synthetics fabrics such as Lenzing, Tencel, Lyocell and recycled plastic. All clothing is made in fair trade factories where people work under fair conditions. The brand works together with three organizations: Ratham, Trinkwasserwald, and Viva con Agua. ARMEDANGELS donate from their profits from every article of clothing sold.

The brand is doing well in terms of changing the perception of eco-friendly clothing being “hippy-like” and not fashionable to it being perceived as cool and stylish.

From the ARMEDANGELS collection of, I got the denim skirt. Here are some pictures:

What I´m wearing:
Shirt // Second-hand
Skirt // ARMEDANGELS via
Shoes // Ehtletic
Bag // Bought in Thailand years ago

What I´m wearing:
T-shirt // Quotes Me
Blazer// Second-hand
Skirt // ARMEDANGELS via
Shoes // Ethletic

Use the code ‘Alisson19’ to get 20% discount on the whole shop at

With Love,

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3 thoughts on “Sustainable Brand: ARMEDANGELS

      1. I have bought a t-shirt from ARMEDANGELS quite recently and that is the only thing I own so far. However, I am sure it will not be the last one since this is one of my favourite brands when it comes to sustainable and fair fashion, which I am now more focused on 🙂


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