What I Have Learned In Six Months Of Motherhood

Motherhood is challenging and tiring and beautiful and tiring and beautiful. Above all, it is the most magical experience I have been blessed to have. It’s been six months since I gave birth to my baby girl. She came into my life and made me do all kinds of changes in my career, attitude, and personal life. So far she made me a more happy and complete person. Here are some things I have learned:

1. I can do a lot with little sleep. Those sleepless nights during university were just a training.
2. Still, sleep is very important. When I’m short on sleep, every little thing makes me feel overwhelmed. The best that I can do is to ask for help and take a long nap. Happy and rested mama = Happy baby.
3. I can relax even though the house looks like a war zone.
4. I don’t mind the way I eat anymore. Goodbye glamour, hello eating with a spoon.
5. Sometimes I have the time to cook something, but I can only eat it two hours later. Say hello to cold food. And cold coffee. And tea.
6. I can cook, organize, feed the dog, all while carrying my baby. I have discovered a strength in me I didn’t know it existed.
7. Instead of sleeping when the baby sleeps, I relax by sitting down, picking a book, cooking, watching series. This way I really rest instead of stressing out about actually sleeping.
8. Sacrificing things for my baby has been surprisingly easy. It’s not always fun, but it’s ok.
9. Going out for a walk is the best remedy for feeling overwhelmed.
10. I don’t have much time to play with my dog anymore. That makes me feel sad sometimes. Then I just remember that this is temporary and I feel good again.
11. Grandparents are the best. So are aunts, uncles, and cousins. Family, in general, is pretty awesome to have around with a baby.
12. My breast are two magical things full of love in the form of milk. They make as much as my baby needs. I learn to trust my body and understand that it is connected to my baby’s needs.
13. Breastfeeding is beautiful. Tiring and hard, yes, but it connects in magical ways. As time passes, breastfeeding is less painful but it never stops being hard.
14. I feel very proud when I can recognize my baby types of crying. I was so scared I wouldn’t.
15. Routines with a baby are very hard to maintain. One day it works, the other it doesn’t. But it’s ok. I don’t stress about it anymore. I learn to become flexible and to go with the flow
16. Babies grow by the minute. One day she looks cute in her new outfit, the next day she needs a bigger size.
17. Every baby is different. There is no valid reason to compare your babies development to others. I celebrate my baby’s milestone in her own time.
18. I have to cut my baby’s nails every two to three days.
19. Cloth diapers are easier to use than everyone thinks.
20. It’s just a phase. That is my mantra every time we are going through a rough patch. Nothing lasts forever.
21. Babies are strong. They are not as fragile as I thought.
22. Everyone has parenting advice. It comes from a good heart. I am getting better at having the ability to thank people for their compassion and then move on.
23. It takes double as long to get ready to go anywhere.
24. Taking care of the baby is a day and night task.
25. “Is she sleeping through the night yet?” This is the most common question I get asked.
26. I might be tired and grumpy but as soon as my baby smiles at me, all the grumpiness disappear.
27. Postpartum body is different for every woman. It might take one month, three months or even one year to have your body back to how it was. But its ok. I am gentle and thankful for my body.
28. I feel proud of myself. And I realized that I am doing the best I can. That already makes me a good mother.
29. I feel blessed to have an engaged partner. He has been ‘hands on’ since my pregnancy. I couldn’t have done all of this on my own.
30. Fathers are as important as mothers. Sadly they don’t receive the same attention as mothers.

Picture by Marisa Elisa Photography

Each month is getting better and better. I get more used to the responsibility of raising a baby. It gets easier and more fun. How is it for you? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,


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4 thoughts on “What I Have Learned In Six Months Of Motherhood

  1. You are doing an amazing job, I am always so inspired by your feed! Being a mother myself, I can tell you it is hard but it is always so rewarding xx


      1. Tough as I was paranoid about going out and very clingy to my baby! I got there in the end! He started school a few weeks ago! 💔🖤


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