Sustainable Sunglasses from Dick Moby

On my search for sustainable sunglasses, I found the Amsterdam based brand: Dick Moby. Tim and Robbert are the founders of this cool brand. They went on a surfing trip and were confronted with this huge plastic-in-the-ocean problem. With a big love for the sea, which surfers and sailors usually have, Tim and Robbert are motivated to start a sustainable company. They address the plastic waste problem by making high-quality sunglasses out of biodegradable and recycled plastic. In 2014 ‘Dick Moby’ was founded.

They produce their eyewear without creating more waste in the process. The glasses are handmade in Italy. In their collection, they offer different shapes, colors, and styles. From hipster to retro, they have all kinds of cool frames. The glasses are made with UV protective lenses. Thus, perfect for the summer.

Recycling is at the core of this brand. The cleaning cloth that comes with each pair of glasses is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. One cloth is made of approximately seven used plastic bottles. The leather case that comes with every pair is also made from recycled leather.

In July I went to their sample sale in Amsterdam and got myself these sunglasses:



Which one is your favorite? Check their whole collection at

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