Decorating The Baby Room With Desenio

Desenio is a Scandinavian brand of high-quality posters and frames. They inspire people all over the world with their posters and amazing creation of interiors. If you want to start a photo wall, you can find a lot of tips and ideas about how to arrange it on their website: When I started to decorate the baby room last month, I felt that it was time to check out their collection of posters for children. They even have an extra Instagram account, Desenio kids, to inspire mothers-to-be! I’m having a baby girl, but I am that kind of woman who runs away from the color pink. For me, it was clear to use a gender-neutral color. Luckily Desenio has a lot of posters that suit my wishes.

When I had the chance to pick some frames and posters, I decided to go with a combination of yellow, black and wood. I chose the poster of a penguin, a playful dog, a bear on a bicycle, a graphic of plants and a poster with a quote. The last one has something to do with the name of the baby. (Shh, don’t tell anyone yet.)

Posters of penguin, bear on yellow bike, moon and back & graphic plants.

This was my first idea of how to arrange them:

Then I decided to do this instead:

Voila! The baby room is almost finished.

Here are the posters in a row:

Bear on yellow bike, graphic plants, moon and back and penguin.

I am curious what you think about these cute posters I decorated the walls of our baby room with. Because sharing is caring, you can use the code ‘ALISSON‘ from the 30th of January until the 1st of February and get 25% off all their posters. The code is not valid for handpicked-/collaboration posters or frames.

With love,


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