My wardrobe for the next three months will only consist 33 items! Well, actually 32! On my last post, I explain the rules and give tips for the ‘challenge 333’. You might first read that post if you still haven’t.

The choosing process was easier than I thought. First I gathered all my clothes and hung them on an empty clothes rack. After that I grabbed boxes and labeled them:

Love: I love these items. They fit me well and I wear them frequently.
Maybe: I want to keep this but I don’t know why.
Donate/Sell: These items don’t fit my body or my life.
Trash: These items are in poor condition. You can bring them to a charity shop.


This is how it looked when I was done sorting out the items:


When I was finished, I put that “Trash” box away and brought it to the charity shop. I started uploading the clothes of the”Donate” box to the second-hand apps that I use. If they don´t get sold within a month, I will bring that box to the charity shop as well. The “Maybe” box, I kept until I was done with choosing out of the 33 items and then I put it in my attic. Out of sight.

On my “Love” pile were more than 33 items. I had to go through it again to downsize it. While doing this I was thinking about what I really like to wear and what is appropriate for the coming summer season. After going trough the love pile one last time again, these are my final items:



7 tops, 3 blouses, 4 bottoms, 2 dresses, 2 jumpsuits, 2 layers, 4 jackets, 6 shoes, 2 bags.
32 items in total.

Things I realized while doing this:
– 90% of my clothes are second-hand
– I like to wear basic clothes.
– I don´t like to wear jewelry. I own very little necklaces and bracelets.
– I don´t own any nice bag. The ones I choose are more because of convenience. I need them when I go out. My next investment is going to be an ethically made bag that I  truly love.
– I don´t own much ethically made clothes as much as I will like to. This challenge is meant to keep me from shopping but eventually, I will like to replace some of my items with similar ones but ethically made. I will do this little by little.
– I chose way too many jackets and shoes. It´s hard for me to decide which ones should stay or not.
– I don´t own any sandals or flip flops. I left some space in the 33 items so that I still can add a pair of sandals to my wardrobe. This season really asks for it. I am looking for something ethically made or second-hand. But the condition is that I have to really love them.

Before and After


I hope you enjoy this blog post and get inspired to join me in this challenge,

With love,



  1. Hey Alisson! I just started with my second attempt to create a capsule wardrobe for one month. Your blog has actually inspired me to try it again. Like your video!


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