Going shopping to the charity shop is always an adventure. I never know what I might find, and this helps me to step out of my comfort zone and be creative with fashion.

The charity shop that I went is called “De Kringloop” and it´s located in Amersfoort, a city in The Netherlands. Today I am showing you what I bought the past month. To be honest, I picked up a bunch of stuff, but ended up leaving down some and tried to limit myself to four items.

Kringloop Amersfoort 1

The very first and best purchase is this brown jacket. I don’t own any brown jacket and never had tried a jacket like this before, but it was so warm and cozy I had to grab it.


Brown jacket

Next I found this red, black and golden blazer. What I liked about this blazer the most is that it looks already cool by itself. It even somehow reminded me of Michael Jackson.

Red and black mango jacket


Then I got this green jacket which it´s a little to big for me but I can wear it with some layers underneath. I like the color of this jacket a lot! I love that it’s  unusual piece. Most jackets are black and brown so this one will make me stand out from the crowd.

Green jacket

Final thing i bought is this pink blazer. The truth is that I had one just like this, but I gave it away because it didn’t look good anymore (I wore it a lot!). I was happy to see this one to replace my old one. I like to combine this blazer with a white t-shirt or with a stripes top.

Kringloop finds pink

And that’s all. Not too much, but to me this seemed like a great haul!
I hope that the next time you come across a charity shop, you go inside and see what treasures you might find!

P.S.: Check my Instagram feed here to see some outfits that I did with this items.

With love,


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