How To Style A Bomber Jacket

The times that I find the coolest second hand clothes, is when I go with an empty  idea of what I want to find.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a charity shop to bring away some things and I stopped by at the clothes section. There I found it. A black oversize bomber jacket. I saw it, immediately tried it on and it felt like in the movies! You have to understand that I come from Barranquilla, Colombia and I never wore a jacket there like this before. The weather was just too hot for that. Now that I live in The Netherlands, I love that I can wear all kind of clothes and finally have my own black bomber jacket.

The next time you go to a charity shop, don´t be scare to check the clothes section. You never know what treasure you might find! Give it a try and show me your finds  😉

Picture by Marisa Elisa


Picture by Marisa Elisa
Picture by Marisa Elisa

Secondhand outfit of the day

I am wearing:

Jacket // size M // Vintage // from “De kringloop” in Amersfoort
Jeans // size 36 // Vintage // from “De snuffelmarkt” in Amersfoort
Shoes // size 38 // NN // bought online at United Wardrobe

Do you like my clothes and want to buy an item? Send me a message on Instagram.

With Love,



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