Dare To Wear

Pictures by Marisa Elisa

Yellow is a complicated color. It is bright, shiny and makes my skin glow. Wait, that sounds good actually! Why I never wear it then? Well, it takes a lot of confidence to wear this color. I had to get out of my comfort zone when I found this yellow jacket in the charity shop called “De Kringloop” in Amersfoort. I tried the jacket on and I instantly liked it. When I got home I started making outfits with it. I found out that you can easily combine the jacket with any kind of jeans and a basic top. This is one of the combinations I put together.



The light jeans I bought in a summer street market at the Albert Cuijpstraat in Amersfoort. The shoes I bought more than five years ago when I still lived in Cologne. These days I was still a victim of fast fashion. I bought them because they were on discount for 15€ at the Zara and since then I only wore them once! (Shame on me… I know…) 

“The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try second-hand, bargain hunting, and vintage.”-Orlando Bloom

I am wearing:

Jacket // size S // H&M // found in the charity shop “De kringloop”
Jeans // size 27 // Costes // found in the Albert Cuypstraat´s yearly market in Amersfoort
Shoes // size 38 // Zara // bought them 5 years ago in Cologne (not secondhand)

With love,


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